The other side of the bath

The first time I saw Mamma Mia and I heard the song ‘Slipping Through My Fingers,’ I cried. I have always had a tendency to get a little emotional with movies sometimes, but with that song I felt exactly what the mother was feeling even though I wasn’t one at that time. I remembered being very young like that and needing my mom to fix everything for me. I felt sure that my Mom felt the same heartache about her three children growing up.

When you have a baby everyone tells you ‘Enjoy them while you can! They grow so quickly!’ However when they are newborns, it is difficult to ‘enjoy’ something that robs you of sleep and causes you physical pain and discomfort, all while pooping and puking all over you. Man did I ever wish for time to fly. The first two months, with each passing week, I was elated that I survived another week, and had to be getting closer to the time when she would sleep through the night. It finally came, along with several other milestones along the way, but I never had a moment where I was sad to see her grow.

Tonight she sat on her own on the other side of the tub, and I had to catch my breath. You see we have this kind of tub, where you put the baby in laying at an incline on the one side until they can sit on their own on the other. I had tried a couple of times about a month ago when she was sitting with our help, but she would start to cry and so I always moved her back.

Tonight started just like every other evening, on the laying-down side. Then she likes to pee in the tub, so I take her out and hold her while I dump out and refill her bath, (yes I am generally wet by the end of bathtime every night because of this). She was sitting so nicely on my lap soaking my clothes, that I thought, why not? We’ll try the big girl side of the bath. I put her back in the bath on the other side, and she sat and just looked at me like, ‘ok, what’s next?’

Maybe it’s because my Mom just left this afternoon from a week visiting, and we were missing Nana and all the silly songs that she sings to Esmé during her bath, but I finally had my moment. In truth it isn’t even a major milestone like sleeping through the night, or crawling (though she is seriously close and mama is freaking out), but my heart ached knowing that she is growing so quickly. There is no stop button where I can just freeze time for a little bit. I checked after I put her down for bed.

With Thanksgiving days away the holidays are upon us. I always get so caught up in all that needs to get done: cooking, gifts that need to be made and sent, cards that need to be mailed, etc. I’m going to try to not focus on all those little things this year as much, because they really don’t matter. The small moments that we get with family and friends are fleeting. So really, enjoy them while you can. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving from this big girl!



Photo cred: Alma Alvarado

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