Milestones and Memories: 20 Months

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I always look back at the last Milestones and Memories post to see what I wrote about, not only to remind myself of what I’ve been writing about, but also to see what Esmé was doing several months back. This time I feel like there has been a huge leap in her development, though that could just be due to the fact that it’s nearly 4 months past the last one I wrote. In any case, here is what she’s been up to lately:

-At her 19 month checkup she measured 92% for height, 77% for weight, and 91% for head measurement.


-She has 18 teeth now!! See this is what I’m talking about with huge leaps. In her last post she only had 13, so she has grown 5 teeth in less than four months. No wonder we had to start putting bibs on her again because she was such a drool monster! She is more than happy to show them to you if you ask her for a smile.

-She isn’t really signing for anything anymore as she can tell us what she wants. The one thing that she still is kind of working on, is ‘Thank you.’ She can’t quite say it, and especially when she is in a hurry to do something she just signs it hastily instead of trying.

-She is talking up a storm. She loves to copy what we’re saying, or words from songs that she recognizes, and she loves copying animal sounds when she hears them. She is stringing together a lot more words like ‘I take,’ ‘Me see,’ ‘Yes please,’ ‘Papa work,’ ‘Mama cook,’ and saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to various objects/people/animals when entering and leaving a room.


-She is learning to be a good helper with all sorts of things because she loves to copy mama and papa. She puts her dirty clothes in her laundry basket; she puts her dirty diapers in her diaper bin; she pulls out/ puts away her changing mat; she loads laundry (with a little assistance) into the washing machine, helps take it out of the washing machine to put it into the dryer, and then helps take it out of the dryer once it’s done; she can’t really fold anything, but loves to take everything out of the basket for me; she loves to sweep the kitchen for papa; and most of all she LOVES to help me cook/ bake ( she is perusing my Smitten Kitchen recipe book in the photo above).

-She adores her swimming lessons. She likes her music class, and loves the bubbles at the library’s story time, but far and away swimming is her favorite. In fact we can not talk about swimming lessons out loud in front of her or she gets very upset and starts saying ‘Go poo! Go poo!’ which is how she says ‘go to the pool.’ We have to explain that it’s not swimming day, and we have a big cry about it. So we call it ‘SL,’ or spell it out. She hasn’t figured those out yet.

-She is still an avid climber, but has now added running and jumping to her list of favorite things to do. Technically her ‘jump’ is more of a skip/one-footed-hop, but she’s almost got both feet off the ground!

-She still loves her reading, and is starting to have favorite books, which is fun to see. Her favorites currently are (still) her little Highlights magazines, but she loves ‘Goodnight Moon (Nigh Moo),’ and ‘Rainbow Fish (May-mo Pish).’ She loves the part where it rhymes brush, and mush in ‘Goodnight Moon,’ and is fascinated by the pretty scales on the fish in ‘Rainbow Fish.’


-We took her to see Santa last month and she HATED it! She started crying before I even let go of her. Oddly enough, she now claims ‘Santa fun! Santa funnn!!’ So she likes pictures of him, but is not a fan of him in person.

-She loves to be outside. She loves digging in sand and dirt, she loves kicking a ball, she loves running around with her bucket like it’s a purse, and she loves all the things that she can see outside: birds, planes (a favorite of hers), clouds, sky, trees, leaves, etc.! We have a park that’s near us where they have a train and it has quickly become a favorite place. She’s gotten a lot better at climbing on playgrounds by herself, and the swings aren’t her favorite anymore. At least not at this park…she is all about the train, or choo choo, as she would call it.

IMG_5711One of my favorite things to see, has been how much her love grows for her Papa. Even though this last picture is blurry, I had to share it because it shows how much she adores him. She lights up whenever she hears his office door open, and hears him coming down the stairs. She loves to have tea parties with him, and loves that he takes her flying (Fy Papa fy!!). Best of all, no one can get her to laugh like Papa does. As you can see in the picture, she is mid-full-body-crumple-belly-laugh and it gets me every time.