Tribute To Trolls

Earlier this summer, Netflix released the movie “Trolls.” Those trolls took over our lives. Esmé decided that she needed to listen to the soundtrack every day, in its entirety, at least twice a day. She decided that we needed to see the movie every weekend (since we don’t let her watch TV in the week, or at least we used to have this rule before summer break). We even lost our own personal identities! I was no longer mama, but Guy Diamond. Esmé was Poppy, and Papa was Branch. She even renamed her toys.

These were the very first two items to be christened as Trolls in our household (Poppy is on the left, Branch is on the spiky one on the right). It was actually very sweet because she took them with her EVERYWHERE. They ate meals with her. They came with us everywhere in the car. They came to Washington D.C. They went to school with her. They went outside with her. She even slept with them every night. Once she really got the Troll ball rolling she renamed ALL her stuffed animal friends. Let’s see if you can guess which one she liked the most…

This is Poppy.

This is also Poppy.

This is also Poppy.

This is Hunter the Troll. Hunter is not actually a ‘Troll’ from the movie. But there was a boy in her class she really liked this summer named Hunter, so he got an honorary Troll designation.

This is Branch.

She also loved sets of things, because it allowed her to name ALL her Troll friends. For example, these little containers of Playdoh lined up in a row are (from left to right), Hunter, Poppy, Branch, Satin, Chenile, Guy Diamond, and Creek.

This child seriously had Troll-mania! She would freak out if she saw any Troll items while we were out at Target, or the mall. She would imagine that all her Troll friends (listed above) came with her to school, to the park, to the pool, out for walks, basically they went wherever she went.

My personal favorite about the Trolls movie was the designated “hug time.” If you haven’t seen the movie, all the Trolls wear watches that go “Ding!” every hour, signaling that it’s “hug time.” All the Trolls would then all have a big group hug.

What we started doing, because we do not have a snuggle child in the slightest, is we created our own “hug time.” My husband and I would say “DING!!!” really loud, then say “Is it hug time??!” and we would chase her down and give her a big squeeze. It was awesome.

Yesterday, however, when we tried to do this, she said “Mama, no. We are not Trolls anymore.”

I’m not 100% surprised, because she has been more about “The Sound of Music,” and “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” lately, but it still makes me a little sad. I’m going to miss her obsessing about all things Trolls, and the stories about all the things she and her Troll friends get up to on a daily basis. It’s the nature of growing up. The constant growing out of things, and leaving old favorites behind.

We’ve moved on from Trolls now. She has yet to figure out all the names for her stuffed animals and toys, but she knows who she is.  She is “The one with the red shirt (also known as Linus),” I am Charlie Brown, and my husband is Lucy.